Creating an Action Plan for Your Seattle SEO

Hi, my name’s John Ukkors and I’m looking forward to helping people in the local Seattle area learn more about Search Engine Optimization. I’ve been working in the local area now for the past 7 years creating websites and optimizing some of my friends websites for decently competitive local key-terms. Here’s a great partner site for Seattle web design services.

This is my first blog post. I thought it would be beneficial to begin my writing by talking about creating an action plan for your SEO. Here’s one of the local Seattle SEO resources I’ve been following for the past few years. Great blog resources for local online marketing.

Well, let’s get started on creating an action plan.

First, you’ll need to understand your target Seattle demographic

before we do keyword research we need to understand what type of person you want to target for your SEO. Start building a list of personality traits that your top three best customers would have. For instance, do they enjoy the outdoors? Are they male or female? Are they younger or older? What type of jobs do they usually have? There’s a ton of questions you can ask that will nail down the “profile” of your best customers.

This is vital to optimizing your website in the Seattle area as it will allow you to write great content to these profiles.

Do Your Keyword Research

I use the Google keyword tool. It’s free and it’s the same data you’d pull from any paid tool out there. If you’re looking for a really good paid tool, I would suggest taking a look at semrush.

Basically, you’re going to want to understand how these profiles search for your business with both short tail and long tail searches. For example if you sell blue shoes then here’s a break down of how some of the searches might look in your local area:

  • seattle blue shoes
  • blue shoes in seattle
  • blue shoes for sale in seattle
  • best blue shoes for sale in the seattle area

Notice how the keywords go from shorter to longer? This is an example of short and long tail keyword searches. In general, the shorter one’s are searched more individually but there’s a whole lot more long tail keyword search variations then short tail keyword variations. “Low hanging fruit” is often central to understanding how to optimize for long tail keyword searches in both SEO and paid search.

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Creating Content for Your Website

Ok, so you’ve got some profiling done and keyword research. You’re going to want to ¬†write content or your websites based upon the following:

  • answering questions
  • reviews on products
  • latest updates

Those three areas are the most popular way to develop content for your site. Doing news updates is by far the easiest. You can easily find topic ideas in local Seattle niche sites or national news sites.

Syndicating Content

After you’ve written and placed your content into your website, you’ll want to reach out to your local Seattle area with your news or product review. You can do this by doing targeted posts on facebook and linkedIn groups or by doing paid search campaigns in social spaces. Getting traction to your content is important as it will increase your Inbound opportunities in the future.

Finally, Create an E-mail List

This is a big deal. An e-mail list is gold! If you can capture targeted traffic into an e-mail campaign you’re going to increase your profits by at least 10% through segmented e-mail blasts. Please don’t ever buy an e-mail list! You’ll never get anything out of a purchased list. Build your own! People will subscribe as you provide value to them.

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